Is your laptop slowing down?
Are you having issues with your screen?
Is your trackpad playing up?
Does your laptop simply not hold its battery charge any longer?

Laptops are convenient and transportable, but this also makes them susceptible to damage.
We can repair most aspects of a laptop, no need to put your work or life on hold.
Call us today or drop us an email through our contact form, let’s get you back on the road.


From screen fixes to internal upgrades, whether your laptop doesn’t power on anymore or you simply need to add more ram, we will repair your laptop so you can get on with those daily tasks:

  • We can repair your laptop or multiple laptops, whether you are an individual or a whole office setup.
    No task is to big or too small.

  • We understand laptop hardware is different and often unique depending on your computer’s brand, and we can do the right repair solutions that apply for your specific hardware.

  • We fix many laptops, covering many different configurations.
    Whether it is a large 19-inch screen laptop, a small notebook or a rugged outdoors machine, we can repair it.

  • We will keep things simple and we won’t confuse you with useless details and information.
    We will look for the problem, we will tell you what the solution is, and we will fix it for you.

We will charge you the parts at cost price, along with our workshop fees. Our workshop fees start at £65 per laptop repair (plus parts), and at £40 for software repair. Our repairs take the time required to do the job thoroughly.

All repairs are aimed at being complete in 48 hours (this is not always achievable due to part availability and extended testing, though this will be advised at the time)

We will prioritise work on a customers immediate needs, so a business critical job will take precedence over other jobs.
We do not charge any extra for emergency work!!!
We can rush jobs through if the customer explicitly requests and is fully aware of the risks.

You deserve better than complex jargon and hidden fees, and KIS Computers will bring you back on your feet without hassle.

Call us today or send us a message to find out more about our laptop repair services.