IT Services in Cornwall


Do you have questions about your IT infrastructure?
Looking at setting up some system(s) and looking for professional advice?

Knowing how to set up shop is often a matter of experience, and here at
KIS Computers we have over 20 years experience of helping our clients achieve their IT goals.
Just give us a call or email us to arrange a consultation of the IT professionals.

Whether you are just looking at setting up a home system, all the way to equipping your office with IT hardware and software, we can give you the right advice and set up a plan of action for you.

IT Consultancy in Cornwall
Data Backup Cornwall


Does your data need backing up?
Are you looking to safely store all those files and documents for safekeeping?

Our modern life revolves around our data, and losing such data can be the cause of many headaches.
This is why we offer the safest data backup services.


Is your hard drive getting noisy?
Has your hard drive just failed on you?
Unable to access your data?

Hard drives fail due to their mechanical nature, it is just a fact of life and it happens to everyone.
Whether it is just by wear and tear or due to an accident (dropping, shock…), your best bet is to not try anything that could potentially make the data harder to recover.

Data Recovery Cornwall


Need to install a new home computer?
Looking at equipping your offices with new systems and software?

Computer hardware and software installs can go from a simple setup to the most complex organized systems, and we have the expertise to make it all happen.

Computer Installs Cornwall
Computer Networking Cornwall


Looking at creating a network of computers for your office?
Bringing machines together in your building?

Networking computers together can often be a complex and time-consuming endeavour, which is why we will happily take all the hassle and worry out of your hands.


Need to secure your computer from unwanted attacks?
Looking at protecting your business or even you personal computer?

Every computer must be secure, but there are so many antivirus solutions out there.
Between the paying antiviruses and the free ones, the choice can often feel overwhelming.



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